Give Grade 11’s Another Chance to Attend Shad

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Shad Canada is a competitive summer program based at 19 different Canadian Universities. Each summer, over 1000 bright Grade 10 and 11 students from across Canada get the opportunity to travel and participate in a variety of STEAM based activities, as well as work on a prototype and business plan for product that will solve a real world problem. 

On March 23, 2020, Shad Canada announced that the Shad 2020 Summer Program would be cancelled this summer due to COVID-19. This decision was essential to protect the health of the participants and all those involved in the program. Along with the cancellation, Shad announced that Grade 10 students that were accepted into Shad 2020 are automatically accepted into Shad 2021 and able to attend Shad next summer. However, Grade 11 students accepted into this program will NOT be given an opportunity to attend in 2021. 

Up until this year, Shad allowed Grade 12 students to attend their program. We are calling on YOU to help convince Shad to make an exception to their new policy and allow the current Grade 11s that were accepted into Shad a chance to experience this opportunity next summer. It is not fair to me and to so many other innovative young leaders that will not be able to attend this program because they are in Grade 11. It is only equitable that the Grade 11s as well as Grade 10s receive the spots in the program which they have rightfully earned.

Shad’s objective is to empower Grade 10 and 11 students to make a difference in their home communities during high school, and to give students leverage for better post-secondary opportunities. Having students attend in Grade 12 is admittedly not ideal; however, the ultimate desired impact, developing world-changers, is not limited by time or place: the impact is lifelong and nationwide.  It would be a loss to to the world if one year’s cohort could not attend Shad.  

We understand several considerations make the problems of an expanded 2021 program appear unsolvable: the Shad program is designed to help participants solve these problems. One of Shad's desired impacts, as listed on their website is: the confidence and courage to tackle problems that appear unsolvable. Shads are doing this by proposing ideas to make the expansion financially and logistically feasible. We are asking Shad to reach out and communicate with us in order to find a better solution that suits the needs all both parties involved. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this message; please take the time to sign this petition and support bright young Canadians that will surely one day change the world.

Thank you,

Kara Walisser 

On Behalf of the Grade 11 Shad 2020 Cohort