7 Puppies Found Dead in Dwarka- Bring the Criminal to Justice

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Trigger Warning: Description of animal cruelty

On Monday, August 20, 2018, 7 puppies, no more than 2 months old, were found dead in a residential colony in Dwarka, New Delhi. They had been the topic of discussion in the colony for some time. While some people wanted to keep them, others found them a nuisance. 

It came as a shock when on Monday all 7 of the puppies were found dead with slit throats and multiple injuries. The puppies had been laid out in a pattern in front of the congregation hall in the colony.

As a resident of the colony I had the chance to actually spend time with these puppies. They were playful and the mother never attacked the kids who'd come to play with her pups. It therefore came as a tremendous shock when we found out that someone in our colony was actually capable of doing something so ridiculously inhumane.

A fellow resident rushed the dogs to the nearest veterinary hospital where they were declared brought dead. An FIR has been filed and police are still looking into the case but no suspects have been found yet. The investigating officer has received the post mortem report and is looking into the CCTV footage of the complex. 

In India acts of animal cruelty can fetch you a fine or imprisonment of upto 5 years. While this heinous crime should attract a much bigger punishment, right now it is imperative that the criminal is brought to justice.

This petition is addressed to the SHO, Police Station, Dwarka and is solely to create awareness of the incident and to build pressure on the police to bring the perpetrator to trial.

Your support would mean the world.