Sexual assistance and disability

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A Constitutional Court judgement (N° 561 of the year 1987) deems the sexuality as a fundamental human right. And the fundamental human rights are recognized and protected by our Constitution (Clause 2 of the Italian Constitution ). Despite this, for those who live with a disability , sexuality is a right frequently restricted or totally denied.

My name is Fabiano Lioi. I'm an actor and a musician affected by Imperfect Osteogenesis. In Italy the topic "sex and disability" is still a taboo: the disabled is considered as a sexless angel. I can assure you , though, that it's not exactly like this. People afflicted by disability have their physical needs like anybody else.

To provide against this lack, the Committee for the Disabled Sexual Assistance (LoveGiver), together with a group of Members of the Italian Parliament, has proposed to the Senate a new bill, DDL n° 1442 of April 24th, 2014, to introduce the sexual assistance for disabled, applied for years in several European Countries. Regulating it in Italy too would mean allowing lots of people in disability conditions and emotional marginalization to receive an appropriate support. This figure - a specialist with a psychological, sexological and medical education - can help people with disability on living an erotical, sensual or sexual experience, on knowing their own body, as it is allowed to any human being.

I ask to the President of the Senate Mr. Pietro Grasso to resume the bill proposal on the figure of the Sexual Assistant for Disabled People (DDL n° 1442 of April 24th, 2014) so to speed up his Parliamentary Process and avoid its oblivion.

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