Sex work is WORK! Decriminalise sex working

Sex work is WORK! Decriminalise sex working

14 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tegan Jones

Decriminalising prostitution will create a safer environment for sex workers.

We are arguing that criminalising prostitution means that sex workers are less likely to contact the police to report abuse.

The laws in the UK also takes sex workers’ right to work together. If sex workers are allowed to work together in one building, they will be safer.

Sex working is a choice and women have a right to do what they want to their own body. If selling sex is agreed to, consensual and is completely safe, then there should be no issue behind it.

Human rights and medical experts support it. Amnesty International published a draft policy arguing in favour of decriminalisation, saying sex workers should be entitled to the same rights as other workers.

It argues that the criminalisation of prostitution threatens the rights to health, non-discrimination, equality, privacy, and security of a sex worker.

The World Health Organisation also condemns the criminalisation of sex work, and backs the research by The Lancet which shows that decriminalising prostitution would help lower rates of sexually transmitted infections, particularly HIV/Aids.

I want to solve the issue around prostitution and stop making it so hush-hush. It would be safer, healthier and much better if we decriminalise prostitution.

Sex workers are people too. 

Sex work is the longest running profession going and with proper regulation- it would be safer for sex workers and reduce sex trafficking and pimping.

Sex workers should be able to pay tax like others, feel safe and not be placed in dangerous situations because of it being so ‘hush hush’.

It would give workers the chance to be self employed (similar to Amsterdam), and to have the choice about what to do with their body, without coercion and  pimping within the sex industry. 

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Signatures: 79Next Goal: 100
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