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Set Safe Limits of Carcinogens and Toxic Agents in Pet Foods

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Given the recent results of random independent laboratory testing of pet foods, it is time that we require the FDA and AAFCO to perform random detailed testing of pet foods to assure safety of these foods. Minimum and maximum standards for toxic and carcinogenic agents must be established with no food sales allowed that violate these health standards. These standards should be established without harm to animals and by only food or culture methods.

Laboratory testing by SpexCertiPrep showed massive amounts of health effecting agents in the pet food tested. In these tests, pet food that violated the human standards for cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, cobalt, chromium, caesium, molybdenum, selenium, tin, nickel, mercury, and others were found to be far exceeding the allowable amounts for human standards and definitely into the toxic range. For more information on this study go to

(These test results will be made public in early 2011.) 

Since many ingredients are outsourced to foreign countries, it is necessary for these tests to be done to assure us of the safety of the pet foods sold in the U.S.

We care for our pets and insist that toxicity and carcinogen pet food standards be set to assure the safety and health of our pets.  Approximately 50 billion dollars are spent annualy on pets in the U.S..  If the food given to them was of higher quality, perhaps less care might be necessary as well as avoiding the heartache of losing ones pet to disease.

Take our pets health seriously and establish standards to assure that we are not giving them a daily dose of disease along with that petting! 

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