Seoul National Univ, We demand the truth about your using "meat dogs" for experimentation

Seoul National Univ, We demand the truth about your using "meat dogs" for experimentation

May 21, 2018
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Seoul National University, stop it! We demand the truth about your using “meat dogs” for cloning experimentation. 

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The Seoul National University (SNU) is purported to be one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea and boasts over 28,000 enrolled students, being educated in many important fields.

But while it might churn out an impressive number of graduates each year (including those involved in veterinary medicine) its motto ‘Veritas Lux Mea’ (the truth is my light) couldn’t be more misleading and misplaced. 

The dark truth uncovered by Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) is that the SNU’s College of Veterinary Medicine uses dogs in experimentation – dogs which have been sourced (cheaply, it seems) from dog meat farms, where they have already been subjected to inhumane treatment, and which go on to be exploited as lab’ animals for such callous and unwarranted experiments as ‘special-cloning projects’ (for example, of drug detection dogs), with resulting data being distorted to reflect a greater success rate - and those impregnated dogs not making the grade (producing too many fetuses) heartlessly being shoved back into the meat trade. 

To date, demands for corrective action by the SNU have met with pathetic responses, such as directing that the only need was for a replacement of dog cages, or passing the buck by suggesting that the (single) culpable person for any or all of these wrongdoings was Dr Byeong-Chun Lee, the director or the SNU’s laboratory animal facility. 

The SNU is a place of education and its College of Veterinary Medicine holds a prominent position in Korean society as a leader in animal welfare and ethical research. So how can the SNU allow this experimentation to happen in the first place, and how can they continue to shirk responsibility or take action? 

Seoul National University, we demand that you accept responsibility and be proactive in resolving this situation by ensuring that: 

  • Stop the animal research using “meat dog” farm dogs immediately!
  • All members of the Seoul National University’s Animal Experimental Ethics Committee must resign for knowingly approving the usage of animals from unauthorized research animal supplier!
  • Seoul National University must thoroughly investigate the researchers responsible and set up measures to prevent recurrence!
  • Seoul National University must fully disclose its history of experimentation on dogs from dog meat farms!
  • The Rural Development Administration and the National Institute of Animal Science must disclose information on the unethical reality behind the special-purpose dog cloning project!

특수목적견 복제한다며 ‘식용’ 개농장과 검은 커넥션, 서울대는 진실을 밝혀라!

  • 계속되고 있는 ‘식용’ 개농장 동물실험을 즉각 중단하라!
  • 무등록기관 실험동물 공급임을 알면서 연구 승인한 서울대실험동물윤리위원회는 전원 사퇴하라!
  • 서울대학교는 연구 책임자 엄중 문책하고 재발방지 대책을 세우라! 
  • 서울대학교는 ‘식용’ 개농장 동물실험 내역을 낱낱이 공개하라! 
  • 농촌진흥청과 국립축산과학원은 비윤리적 실체 드러난 특수목적견 복제 사업의 정보를 공개하라!
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Signatures: 16,521Next Goal: 25,000
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