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Senators Warner and Webb: Clean Air is a Moral Issue

Clean air and a healthy community are moral issues! Join people of faith across Virginia calling on Senators Warner and Webb to support EPA Clean Air Standards.

Coal-fired power plants are the single largest emitters of carbon dioxide, spewing 2 billion tons of global warming pollution into our air each year. For the first time in history, there are significant U.S. standards to limit industrial pollution from new power plants. This year, the EPA undertook three important rule-makings to reduce the release of mercury, carbon and soot into the air. The new mercury and air toxics standards will help prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths, 130,000 asthma attacks and 5,000 non-fatal heart attacks annually.

The EPA is also currently finalizing a new rule to decrease soot pollution. Soot is a big public health problem, because tiny particulate matter can easily enter your lungs and bloodstream. Children, the elderly, low-income communities, and people with pre-existing heart and lung conditions are especially vulnerable, but even healthy adults can suffer from soot’s adverse effects.

But Congress, including Virginia Senators Warner and Webb, is attempting to weaken the authority of the EPA and prevent these rules from taking effect. This would block critical clean air standards and is an attack on the health of our families and communities.

Virginia Senators need to hear from you. Join Virginia Interfaith Power & Light and people of faith throughout the Commonwealth to call on Senators Warner and Webb, asking them to support a healthy and sustainable Virginia. Sign the petition to urge them to vote in support of EPA regulations during the Lame Duck session.

Letter to
Jim Webb
Senator Jim Webb
Senator Mark Warner
Dear Senators Warner and Webb,

As a person of faith, I believe that we are called to love our neighbor, and that means creating a healthy environment for them to live in. As your constituent, I am calling on you to vote in support of EPA regulations, should it come up during the lame duck session. Both the carbon rule and the soot rule are being finalized by the EPA, and I want you to stand strong against efforts to block these regulations. We’ve seen the House attempt to block it with their “Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012” passed just before the October recess. I hope you will oppose any similar legislation on either carbon or soot rules in the Senate.


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