Arrest Child Predator Richard Reiger

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My son, Tayvion, a 6yr old child, has recently become a victim of sexual assault by a 58yr old man. The man's name is Richard Reiger and he used his very own son to bait my child in as Tayvion & his son was best friends.

Over the summer, Tay spent a few nights at Reiger's house where Reiger took the opportunity to sexually assault him. Richard Reiger let it be known to a neighbor that he had been sleeping in the same bed as Tayvion and then he notified me about it and that is when I asked my son about what happened about his experiences at these sleepovers.

Tayvion only told me so much but I reported it to the police in late September and he had his forensic interview October 21st. I do not wish to share explicit details but they were not limited to Reiger removing all of his clothing before climbing into the bed and Reiger putting his hands on my son. I later took Tayvion in for a forensic interview in which Tayvion gave more detailed information to the investigators so they know more about the actual assault than myself at this point.

Tayvion has changed drastically and is now a depressed little boy that is now having panic attacks multiple times a week and is always angry. We are waiting for an intake counseling appointment to come up but that's not until late January.

Here is where I NEED your help. Richard Reiger has NOT been arrested nor has he been charged with the sexual assault of a 6 year old child. Richard Reiger lives behind an elementary school where he has access to children every day. Reiger also knows where the victim lives and is a current gun owner until charged. When I call for answers to the case the only thing they will tell me is that it's under attorney review. It is now approaching 4 months since it had been reported to local authorities. The state of North Dakota has picked up charges on relatives and on myself within a matter of 1-2 months (bogus charges but that's not what's important here) but has yet to protect the children of this state from a dangerous sexual predator.

We demand they arrest 58yr old Richard Reiger for the sexual assault of 6 year old Tayvion. We need the help of the people in order to get this petition to the right people. We ask that you please sign as well as share so we can secure an arrest and get justice for Tayvion as well as protecting other children from this disgusting man.

Thank you!!!