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Make Stun Guns Legal in New York State

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The statistics against women are terrible. 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their life time. 1 in 3 is a victim of domestic violence. Every 26 seconds a violent crime happens in this country. The number one place where women are attacked are Mall/Grocery store parking lots, followed by parking structures and public rest rooms. 

New York State is one of approximately 8 states that do not allow non-lethal forms of protection at all which include stun guns. In NY you can apply for a pistol permit and carry a lethal form of protection but it is illegal to own and carry a non-lethal form of protection that could save your life or stop a crime without having to kill the person attacking or committing a crime against you. NY cripples women and NY citizens when it comes to self defense by making stun guns illegal when they could help so many and possibly prevent sexual assault, any kind of assault, protect you during a home invasion and so many more instances. 

In NY State  owning a firearm does not mean that you would be able to protect yourself if need be. First of all it takes months if not over a year to obtain a NY State Pistol Permit. Even longer in NY City. It is very costly, many can not afford it. Many women or men are not comfortable in the thought of carrying a firearm. Second, many counties issue permits with restrictions on them and the permit holder can not carry their firearm except in certain circumstances. The majority of the counties in NY issue pistol permits with the sportsmen restriction which means you can only carry your firearm if you are hunting, fishing, hiking, running, biking or camping. Not in your every day life such as walking to your car in a parking lot at the grocery store. Grocery store and Mall parking lots are the number one places where women are attacked followed by parking structures and public restrooms. WE NEED to be able to protect ourselves in these places! 

Stun guns can also serve as a deterrent to a criminal that plans on doing you harm. In NY State you can not "brandish" your firearm to scare away an attacker, it is illegal to do so, but many times the sound of a stun gun can deter the attacker from choosing you as his victim. 

The majority of stun guns out there have a safety feature with a disable pin which when worn correctly renders the stun gun inoperable if it is taken away from you. Stun guns are meant for protection close up where as a firearm is more difficult to pull out and use in a close confrontation. 

It is VERY important that we be able to layer our protection  to keep ourselves safe and stun guns should be made legal in NY State to help protect the women and citizens of this state from becoming victims. 

Please sign this petition and pass it around to everyone you know. It is time we take a stand and get the tools that we need and deserve as NY State Citizens. 


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