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Forced Resignation of U.S. D.A. Jeff Sessions

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Countless health problems ail us as humans. MANY of those health issues, from PTSD, Crohn's Disease, Parkison's, Alzheimer's, Migraines, and the list grows every day of issues that can be solved, or curbed, or even softened with the help of Cannabis. Cannabis can be used many different ways, whether smoked, vaped, or eaten in edible form. Cannabis is from a Natural plant, native to this planet, since before our species was ever here. Lawmakers have NO jurisdiction over Natural Substances beneficial to our health.
Jeff Sessions, and many like him, are close minded, and determined to use this plant as an excuse to incriminate, and incarcerate American Citizens, seizing their personal property, and removing their children from their home. Jeff Sessions, and many like him have available to them, new findings and more research, as well as facts on the benefits of using Cannabis: financially, emotionally, and for health. 
But men such as Jeff Sessions are close minded, and determined to re-instate, and re-invigorate the drug war, which results in Law Abiding American Citizens lives being ruined.
Jeff Sessions along with many others are supposed to be servants of this great Nation, working with the Constitution close in mind. The Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence were written by great men, who had Freedom, and Happiness in mind. They fought the fine fight to gain us as American's; freedom from oppression, and over controlling men/women in positions of lawmaking, and legislature, or government.
Recently Jeff Sessions has been made aware that more than 78% of adult American Citizens support Cannabis, especially Medical use, with Recreational use following close behind. We have seen for ourselves in some States, such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, California, etc, where it HAS been legalized, and even De-Criminalized, with positive results, both for the health of the State Citizens, as well as financial balance created with new jobs, and revenue from taxes that support  Education, as well as other State expenses. Also we have seen a DECREASE of crime, as well as unnecessary tax money spent pursuing citizens who use for personal reasons, as well as countless hours in State Courts fighting these immoral, inhumane, intrusive, unethical, and more importantly unconstitutional  laws preventing humans from utilizing a Natural Medicine (Cannabis).
Despite the overwhelming facts, and testimonies from Veterans, and sick Citizens, Jeff Sessions ignores the pleas, and demands of his people.
His eagerness to pursue tougher punishments and faster incarcerations of the American Citizens has shown without a shadow of a doubt, he does not work For the People, By the People, OF the People, but rather pursues his own personal agendas, and selfish influences. THIS disqualifies him for his position as a “Representative” of the People of America.
I am calling for his immediate Resignation, or Termination as United States District Attorney.
ANYONE looking for reasons to lock up the people, for merely pursuing a healthier life, whether physical health, or mental health using a Natural Medicine (Cannabis) does not deserve to represent the People of America.
Please sign, and share this Petition, for the Liberty of us as Americans. Thank you.

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