Seeking Freedom for 15 year old human trafficking victim sentenced to prison!

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Seeking Freedom for 15 year old human trafficking victim sentenced to prison!

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Survivors Consultation Network started this petition to Governor Rick Snyder and

On January 11, 2016, a date proclaimed as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, an inexcusable atrocity was committed against the human rights of a child. At the same time that government officials, law enforcement agencies, advocates, survivors and allied citizens of the United States brought attention to modern day slavery and the importance of being victim centered, our own justice system failed in the protection of a 15 year old human trafficking victim. News media stories disregarded her status as a minor and published her name, while maliciously burdening her with guilt, as our society is prone to do without consideration of facts and laws that attempt to extinguish the plague of victim blaming. Her charges of armed robbery and unlawful imprisonment are predicated entirely on her involvement as a child advertised online, to be purchased for sex. This is an act that a minor cannot be held responsible for consenting to under federal and state law. It is also not required for force, fraud or coercion to be proven in cases involving minors under federal and state law in order to prove that the minor is in fact, a human trafficking victim. This can be found in Michigan state law at:

Trafficking a Minor MCL 750.462e

Covers both sex trafficking and labor trafficking of a minor
NO Force Fraud or Coercion Required
"regardless of whether the person knows the age of the minor"

In addition, Michigan is a state that has enacted Safe Harbor laws relating to victims of human trafficking.

Safe Harbor - Safe harbor was one of the key reforms in the 2014 Michigan human trafficking legislative package.

2014 PA 336 amends MCL 750.451 to provide Safe Harbor to minor sex trafficking victims by presuming that a minor found engaging in prostitution is a victim of human trafficking and mandates law enforcement to refer the minor victims for appropriate treatment within the Department of Human Services.
2014 PA 342 amends MCL 712A.2 to provide Safe Harbor to minor sex trafficking victims by establishing probate court jurisdiction for minor human trafficking victims who are dependent and in danger of substantial harm.
2014 PA 335 amends MCL 780.621 to provide Safe Harbor by allowing victims of human trafficking to clear their criminal record of crimes they were forced to commit by their traffickers.

Latesha Clay of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was used as bait for a robbery scheme which placed advertisements inviting sexual acts with a teen on Backpage so that men would respond. These were not hapless victims, but predators who arrived with the intention of sexually assaulting Latesha, the true victim. Michigan Penal Code lists Solicitation of prostitution as a crime, Prostitution and Solicitation, Sections 750.448 - 750.462 - See more at:

Furthermore, the same human trafficking laws provide for certain penalties when solicitors attempt to purchase minors for sex:

Revises the definition of Tier I Sex Offender to include the new crime of soliciting prostitution from a minor as well as adding those engaging in trafficking minors for sex as Tier II sex offenders, and requires johns to be placed on sex offender registry. 2014 PA 328 [SB 602] amends MCL 28.722.

The actual robberies were allegedly committed by two older teens who met the predators before they could have contact with Latesha, and eventually reported and investigated, yet these would-be child rapists who answered the ad cooperated with law enforcement and were released without charges. This also goes against established Michigan state law The teens who performed the robbery have not been sentenced. Latesha Clay, also a mother of two young children, was charged as an adult and sentenced to 9-20 years in a Women's correctional facility.

This petition is a demand for true justice, not the illusion of justice that enables privilege and the entitlement to commit sexual assault on our sons and daughters. It is a statement that we, the undersigned, will no longer tolerate the systematic incarceration of sexually exploited youth, and we insist on the adoption of policies that bar this violation of human rights from continuing in our justice system. It is a call for accountability among our judges, attorneys and officers, so that the laws created for the specific purpose of protecting the vulnerable are not blatantly contradicted.

This petition is the resilience and resolve of people who value freedom, and Latesha Clay will be the recipient of that freedom. The only acceptable course of action is the granting of an appeal, and the overturning of this gross miscarriage of justice as soon as humanly possible.

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This petition had 5,021 supporters

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