Anti-Racism Education to be Compulsory in U​.​K Schools

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On June the 2nd 2020 it seemed the world took part in #blackouttuesday to take a day off of posting personal content and spread the word of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Many took this day to educate themselves on Black history, political events and learn of individuals personal experiences of racism. However, it became apparent that much of what we learnt had not been taught at school. 

I believe, and many others would, that opinions are formed throughout school years. This is when children are taught about the Tudor’s, the Victorians, the British Empire. Yes there is Black History Month however are children/teenagers really taught about racism? Are they really taught about the importance not to judge people on the colour of their skin? And are they really taught about white privilege?

Although anti- racism is touched on in PSHE lessons as part of the curriculum, it should be its own topic entirely. This is why I believe Anti-Racism should be a compulsory part of the U.K. curriculum in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island for Primary and Secondary School children. 

It’s clear my generation have had to self-educate and this is WRONG. We should all be taught from an early age how to respect one another, the struggle the black community has faced throughout history and why racism should be completely intolerable. With Anti-Racism being a compulsory subject of the curriculum I hope this will educate generations to come and ultimately make racism and white privilege a thing of the past.