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Keep the Ban on Bullfighting in Goa

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Hundreds of bulls will fight until they are grievously wounded or sent for slaughter as they are rendered useless from crippling injuries, for “entertainment” in Goa.

This is happening because the State of Goa is planning to legalize the brutal practice of bullfights.

I am working with Humane Society International/India to ensure our voices reach the Government of Goa and we only have 10 days to stop this!

State of Goa has issued a public notice inviting comments/remarks/suggestions on their purpose to restart bullfights. The last date for sending in our objections is December 11, 2015.

Sign this petition asking the Goa Government to prohibit bullfighting.

Bullfighting or Dhirio is one of the cruelest forms of “entertainment.” These bulls are provoked to a state of murderous rage for the fight, until only one remains standing or both are mortally wounded. The bull that survives will be sent to a slaughterhouse when he’s deemed unfit to fight anymore.

This fight is not only abusive to animals but threatens human lives as well. These fights are attended by thousands of people, who come there to place bets on the lives of these bulls. Imagine what an out of control bull on a rampage can do to these people? People have been grievously injured and have been killed in freak accidents.

We cannot let State of Goa bring bullfighting back!

Dhirio or bullfighting is illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and State of Goa is planning to reverse this. If thousands of us sign this petition, we can stop this from happening.

Urge the Secretary, Goa Legislature, to not restart the cruel practice of bullfights. Hundreds of bulls depend on us to raise our voices for them and get the government to prohibit this cruel practice.

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