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Abuse of Killer elephant named Sevasangham Sreehari at Kalpathy

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Enclosed here with are the photographs of torturing of an elephant named Sevasangham Sreehari to push the mammoth chariots as part of Kalpathy Radholsavam, yesterday violating the elephant preservation rules. As per the Kerala Captive Elephant (Management & Maintenance) Rule 2012 specifically states that elephant should not be used to push or pull any object weighing above 1000 kgs. But yesterday, the elephant Sevasangham Sreehari was forced to push a chariot having a weight of more than 10 tonnes. This elephant will also be used for the radholsava function today and tomorrow. The above mentioned rule also specifically states that elephants having the track history of killing human beings must be barred from functions as part of worship places. This elephant Sevasangham sreehari had killed its first mahout on 30th December 2015 at Perumbavur in Ernakulam District. On 26th December 2016, this elephant had ran amok and attacked another elephant near Attappady in Palakkad District during elephant parade as part of Pathamudayam celebration. Moreover, the yesterday’s performanace of this elephant is a violation of Performing Animals Registration Rule 2011 as the AWBI has not issue any registration certificate in the name of this elephant to use it for the performance of pushing of Radha. Moreover, this elephant was transferred from Ernakulam district to Palakkad without obtaining any prior permission from the offices of district collectors of these districts. As per Supreme Court order dated 18th August 2015, every keeper of elephant must obtain the prior permission of district collector who is the chairman of District Elephant Monitoring Committe for using any elephant at any programme in any district or transfer any elephant from the premises of the keeper of the elephant. All these types of violations of elephant parade rules continue in Palakkad district under the watchful eyes of police personnel who are supposed to implement the elephant preservation rules. Two videos enclosed herewith are related to the abuse of elephants during 2011 and 2015 kalpathy radholsavam. To compel an elephant to bend its front legs and to use its forehead to push the wheels of chariot is a cruel act which is combined by the torture inflicted by a mahout sitting above the forehead of elephant and by a mahout who stand near the right front leg of the elephant by using the sharp edged weapon named Ankush or Thotti which is also a banned weapon to deal with the elephant. I submit this plea expecting that your authoritative office will issue urgent orders to your subordinate officers to arrest all the persons including the owner of the elephant, its mahouts and the office bearers of the Kalpathy Radholsava committee who tortured the elephant yesterday. I also like to draw your attention to a fact that no elephant is used for pushing the biggest chariot in Asia which is used as part of Radholsavam of Thiruvarur Thyagarajaswamy temple in Chennai. Moreover, the chariot of Kalpathy temple was renovated recently by using public money granted by the state and central governments and therefore the Kalpathy radholsava committee have the official responsibility and commitments to adhere to the rules of law regarding use of elephants as part of temple festivals.


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