Convicted Violent Felon Kills Innocent Highschool Graduate While Awaiting Sentencing.

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2 Months after graduating highschool, an innocent 18 year old young man, was standing outside a store when another man pulled up to the corner and starting shooting. Unfortunately, the innocent 18 year old was hit and did not make it. He was not the target as admitted by the killer. Meanwhile, the killer was walking the streets after being CONVICTED of 2 felonies, one of them being a violent crime. How is this possible that someone could be convicted of a violent crime AND be allowed to walk the streets while awaiting sentencing? Another innocent life gone for no reason. We have to stop this. Innocent children are dying. If you have been convicted of a violent crime you SHOULD NOT be able to walk the streets while “awaiting” sentencing. Let’s join together and change this law so that we may protect future loss of innocent life’s!