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Support Medical Marijuana Cultivation for Patients in Delaware

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  I am asking that Delaware Code Title 16 Chapter 49a be amended to allow personal cultivation for Medical Marijuana Patients and qualified caregivers. Patients prescribed marijuana suffer from a number of debilitating conditions, leaving most out of work and to rely on meager resources such as disability, making it nearly impossible to afford their medicine at roughly $400 dollars an ounce. Cultivation reduces the cost drastically. By legalizing cultivation, the quality of these patients lives will improve. A majority of medical marijuana states allow cultivation; fourteen in fact. Isn't it time Delaware allowed Medical Marijuana Patients the right to cultivate for personal use? By signing this petition you support the following proposal to amend Title 16 Chapter 49a:

 Amendment of Delaware Code Title 16 Chapter 49a to include Personal Cultivation of Cannabis  
 We believe the right to cultivate is an individual liberty, and personal responsibility issue because of basic property rights. We cannot allow a regulatory mechanism that limits the rights of a patient to possess marijuana in any form, whether that be in the form of oil, plants, etc. Further, it is an issue of free markets as any regulatory mechanism that artificially restricts who can cultivate a plant necessarily limits who can participate in the market. A system like that would clearly favor the wealthy and well connected. The same holds for regulatory systems that restrict individuals from growing marijuana while allowing businesses to. Criminalizing medical cultivation of cannabis is an arbitrary prohibition that has no basis in public safety. 
BE IT AMENDED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that: 
Terminology- Mature Plant – over one foot tall or wide. Seedling- a plant under one foot tall or wide. 
1.) The possession by a Medical Marijuana Card Holder or the designated caregiver of no more than six mature marijuana plants, eighteen seedlings and up to twenty-four ounces of useable marijuana harvested from lawfully grown plants is not a violation to Delaware state law provided: 
  (i) The plants are grown and possessed only within the premises of the housing unit which the person resides;

  (ii) The useable marijuana has been harvested from plants lawfully grown on the premises of the housing unit which the person resides and is not removed from the premises in amounts exceeding an ounce. 

2.) Does not apply to marijuana plants or useable marijuana possessed at a location other than the premises of the housing unit in which the plants were lawfully grown. 



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