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We all know that dogs are always faithful to their owners ,but this dog proved it.Yes meet Sakthi who is our recent rescue,the story behind his emaciated and mange affected body made our eyes fill with tears,

Sakthi was a poor little dog who was rescued by gunal as a pup so sakthi know gunal from his very young age gunal was an orphan and sakthi was only his friend,family and everything he treated sakthi as his own brother and in return sakthi showred love and faith on gunal,one day gunal went out as usual for his work,unfortunately mt with an accident and died as he was orphan there was no one claim his body which got incinerated by the local municipal,without knowing that gunal was dead sakthi kept waiting for him to return,there are weeks passed,sakthi waited for gunal with emaciated body and also he got affected by mange due to poor environment two days before the people nearby noticed strange noise from gunal's house ,guessing that it was sakthi they too waited for gunal to return but at a point sakthis cry was insane and they brek into the house to see what happened and they where shocked to seee sakthi's condition and then only they came to know that gunal is no more ,they contacted us explaining the situation of sakthi and asked us to take him to the as we can't as th house got broke we took the kelp of local police and took sakthi to the shelter.

As we see sakthi's condition is getting worser day to day as he is severly emaciated we have to put him with iv fluids and treat him with b12 injections it would take about 21 days for sakthi to recover completely from this trauma and emaciation  a doage of b12 would cost $20 and need 16 doses for 16 days which costs $320 also the Iv fluids should be given for a week which would cost $950 the ward rent and 21 day care would cost $700 so totally sakthi's recovery care would cost us $1970 so please help us with the 21 day care for sakthi and help us reliving him fro his trauma and help him to find his new home

The need $1970

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