Save jessy and 460 other dogs survive this lockdown

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jessy was a stray dog who got attacked by rural people due her appearance with a doubt of rabbis during this pandemic quarantine,after testing jessy there is no single symptom of rabbis in jessy,but what made her look like an affected is hunger. yes due to this pandemic locdown across india it's not only people who are struggling with hunger but also the strays,jessy was struggling with hunger for a week got hit by vehicles,wandering around for food then got hit by the rural people luckily jessy was saved by a local activist who called us to rescue her. like jessy there are 30 million street animals, especially dogs. Before this virus has spread, atleast people use to feed animals and also there were many sources for food like hotels, public etc., for the beggars.Because of this lockdown no one is coming forward to feed animals or to help the needy, in fact they are very scared about the virus so now there is no source of food for the animals left there for over 4 months still we are trying to feed the once around us,but what we have is a little because we too have to take care of 460 dogs who are with us also our volunteers are jobless now so we are running with a very little contribution,in an average it will a take INR 25 to take care of a stray dog for 2 days we have 460 dogs with us and around 700 t0 1000 strays around the region currently we rae operating with 75k INR per month and addition resouces (food, medicines) from our sponsors and volunteers in order to feed the stray around us we need an extra of INR 45 k per month (without medicine) so please consider to donate and help us with this new initiative and help us make them survive the lockdown