Puppy Beaten to Paralysis by boys for tic tok video

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Yesterday we got a call for rescue of a poor puppy who got paralyzed,the story behind him is really cruel yes the poor pup was beaten to paralysis by a group of boys to make tik tok video a gang of 5 boys beaten the dog in his neck,limbs and head and made it a video for tik tok,but thanks to got the poor pup was rescued from the boys before they kill him the pup was now paralyzed. as we doubt a spine or brain injury we had made basic examinations and waiting for the MRI results the mri results may help identifying the reason for paralysis ,the gang of boys were identified as peswar and friends,a complaint was given on the local police station on animal cruelty and we hope justice served please sign,share and raise voice against animal cruelty and help the poor pup to recover from paralysis