Punish the Women Who Plucked dog's eye out,dog in critical condition

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It was a fine evening where we got a call for an emergency rescue stating that some of the local people had found a dog with an eye popped out understating the situation we hurried there with a team,when we reached there we were shocked to see his condition,his right eye got popped out 90% with blood shot all over his face,without wasting a minute we hurried to our vet,also left a volunteer there to collect information to find out the reason for his wounds and his current situation, when we reached the vet he lost consciousness so we had put him with iv and waited for him to get consciousness, after 3 hours of waiting he got conscious we had contacted Dr.Srinivas our ophthalmologist who asked us to have an EYE examination and a head mri for him before he reach the vet so that he can move further,today morning we got the eye examination over and waiting for the results.

With help of the volunteer we left there and with the help of the people in the locality we had managed to collect the cc footage around the area which revealed a shocking truth that it's not accidental and it's cruelty, yes the cc footage had revealed a women abusing the dog with stick and plucking his eye out It shocked us but we don't have any details about the women and what happened there so sending help request for all animal activists to help us find the women and get her the punishment she deserves, so please sign,share and raise voice against animal cruelty