Poor zen fallen from a building got noticed after a week with deformed skull

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Yesterday morning we got a call from a lodge management that they had found a heavily wounded dog near the drainage line of their lodge,we had sent a team of volunteers there to rescue him,it is really a narrow drainage line between two buildings and the dog seems to be fallen from one of the building and got trapped there, after some time we had managed to enter the narrow line and took him out,we had seen a serious and deep head injury which made is scull visible,the wounds in his body seems to be a week older and hence the dog may be trapped there for a week,out of tiredness and heavy blood loss he can't even make noise or cry for help and he went unnoticed,also there is major fracture in his hind limbs which made her immovable from that place, we took him to the shelter and after clenching and dressing his wound we had took him to the vet,they see he got severely emaciated and loosing consciousness with a very low blood level so they put him into iv and took him to ct to know about the nature of the wound and her limb fracture 

With the Ct results they said that it was a muscle level and 2nd degree wounds which can be healed with fish skin and for his limbs there is will be a major surgery and two minor surgery for a laceration in his lower back and front limbs ,first of all he is having a lower blood level and need a blood transfusion session for 3 days and to his body ready for the surgery.

A unit of blood and blood products for a single day session would cost upto $150 and for 3 days it would cost $450,his limb fracture surgery will be done after he got recovered from low blood levels the limb surgery along with two minor surgery would cost upto $1700 with theater rent , by the healing process of the limb surgery ,the treatment for his skull reformation with fish skin will be started and it would cost &2000 so it would be stepped treatment method which is going to save him totally it's going to cost us upto $4200,Alone we can't but together we can with 512 dogs to take care of in the shelter we can't imagine to spend this much of amount for a single dog so please come forward and consider to donate and support our rescues and help us save the voice less so please sign, donate and share the petition and spread the word and make everyone to donate and support us 

The need - $4200

Donation url -https://www.paypal.me/streetdogshelter1