Poor street dog raped by strangers during Covid -19 Lockdown

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Yesterday we got a rescue call from a nearby apartment that they had a dog with series wounds and bleeding from its private parts,due to covid -19 restrictions we are operating with 3 volunteers only so we had sent all he three to rescue the dog we we reached there we had found the traces of rape in that dog also there are marks on his mouth and legs that they have tied them also there is a heavy loss of blood from it's private parts letting one of our volunteers to check the cc footage we had reached the shelter with the dog after a IV session we took him to the vet after a medical examination the vet had conformed that it was a rape and there is spleen damage and infections in her private parts also they said that this cruel thing happened 3 days before so the vet suggested us to have  blood transfusion followed by a surgery but sadly there is only 60% of survival chances the surgery along with theater rent and blood transfusion would cost 10K INR which is impossible for SDS to collect in this quarantine days so please consider to donate and help us save him  also our volunteers where struggling to contribute due the quarantine days so please  contribute towards SDS monthly expenses in these quarantine days, currently there are 350 dogs in SDS if it was estimated as 75 rupees for a dog per day it would be 22k INR per month totally it would be 32 K INR so please consider to donate and help us save jem along with 350 innocent dogs 

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