Poor stray dog attacked by strangers with acid need help

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Due to the COVID -19 Pandemic the whole world is under lockdown there are stray dogs in the streets left without any food and care, due to the quarantine stress some people are behaving like psychopaths and torturing animals and even their own home mates such a worst thing happened in the city of  indore this week, we got a call for rescue of a dog who got attacked with acid when we reached there we have seen the dog with deformed face and burns all over his body without wasting a minute we had sent him to the vet, the wounds seems to be 2 days old and its acid for sure still now we didn't got ale of the sick people who did this to him but he is purely a psychopath who needs to be found and imprisoned immediatly before he hurts another animal, after the medical examination the vet suggested to have fish skin therapy to heal the wounds and to have a minor surgery for his deformed face we had named him jem and left him with the vet,fish skin therapy along with surgery would cost 7K INR also our volunteers where struggling to contribute due the quarantine days so please   contribute towards jem's emdical funds and SDS monthly expenses in these quarantine days, currently there are 350 dogs in SDS if it was estimated as 75 rupees for a dog per day it would be 22k INR per month totally it would be 29 k INR so please consider to donate and help us save jem along with 350 innocent dogs 

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