Find and arrest the Man Raping puppies

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The man in the above footage was found Raping street puppies near our shelter yesterday,he is  offering food for the puppies while they are eating he strips off his pants and underwear and starting to sexually abusing the pups,we were shocked when we accidentally notices this cruelty, while on the weekly check of our cc cams,immediately we went on a search for the pups and found them thrown into a bin of plastic,he used the pups and thrown them into that bin,we rescued and took them to the vet for an medical examination, the puppies were only 45 days old and abused brutally all of them got bleeding from their private parts and one of them got severally injured near his gentiles and got a leg broken,as they are not mature enough this cruelty may almost killed them but thank god they are alive, still they are bleeding and there is a huge blood loss, currently we had sedated them and looking for blood transfusion a unit of blood transfusion will cost $300 and we need 2 units which cost's $600 so please consider to donate and help us with the blood transfusion expenses

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By having the CC footage as the evidence we had filed a complaint against the person and we hope we could find that sick animal before he abuse another pup or dog,so please sign and share the petition with all your friends and family and serve justice