Extreme animal cruelty, Genitals of 3 dogs clipped and poisoned

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Yesterday we got an emergency call of rescue from jamunapoori cleasment that that they had found 3 dogs which seems to be poisoned by someone,we hurried there.According to locals, the dog was found with a plastic leash tied around its genitals and a metallic leash around its hind. It was dragging the leash and was visibly in pain,and there is a pink fluid coming out from the dogs mouth they said.

 We went in over there and removed the leash from the dogs, we were shocked to see that their genitals got clipped and blood dripping and that pink fluid from their mouth made us bother more,without wasting a minute we hurried to the vet and admitted as emergency intake, after having urinary test we had confirmed that the dogs were surely poisoned and their urine samples where sent to lab test ti identify the type of poison,but thank got the poison given to them were in diluted condition and a very small amount so that we got this chance to save them but we are worried about their genitals there are multiple and serious injuries in their genitals, we had given some first aid for the injuries and to stop bleeding and decided to have MRI to to study the nature of wounds and how internal they are.MRI for a single dog would cost $300 and for 3 dogs it would be $900 and poison care for single dog would cost $500 for 7 days(with iv fluids and care units) for 3 dogs it would be $1500 as we are a group of working individuals and students volunteering our time for the voiceless, all our rescues depends on our sponsors and donors so please consider to donate and help us save these  dogs 

The need $2400

Donation Url- https://www.paypal.me/streetdogshelter1

Also we had filed a complaint on the local police station and animal welfare authority to find the sick humans who did this also please share,sign and rise voice against animal cruelty

Location this happened-jamunapoori

Date and time - 24th of October

If anyone aware of the people who had done this cruelty and also any cc footage as evidence can help us  

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