Dog Raped by Unknown traveler

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Due to the covid 19 lockdown e pass is mandatory to travel between states in India,but e-pass will be issued only for emergency reasons,due to this restriction people started to take forest and rural routes to move across the country illegally,not only humans but also some scumbags are traveling with them,one of a sadistic sick human who was traveling from trivan to Jaipur had raped a dog for 3 days and thrown her into trash on his travel,this incident came to light when other people traveling had noticed her cry and informed us,as per the locals and some CCTV footages an unknown man was seen travelling with that who always behaves rude with that dog,a CCTV footage from a bypass hotel had shown shocking behavior of the man raping the dog in the hotel toilet entrance,as per the vet the dog was raped for more than 3 days and left in trash due to high blood loss,she was left unconscious until the locals found her,but thanks to her will to survive,with a huge blood loss and damage to her private parts,also thank god we did't found any serious problem with her,there are some minor injuries in her internal organs due to forced pentration and also needs a transfusion a day of care in the vet along with transfusion would cost INR 800 and she may need a week of care which equals 5600 INR   as we are currently working with limited resources due to the covid -19 lockdown we neec to take care of 460 dogs who are with us. also our volunteers are jobless now, so we are running with a very little contribution,in an average it will a take INR 25 to take care of a stray dog for 2 days we have 460 dogs with us and around 700 t0 1000 strays around the region currently we are operating with 75k INR per month so please extend your support and try to contribute and help us survive the lockdown with the voiceless