Dog beaten brutally by strangers to make fun

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Remmy was a poor stray dog who was fed by the locals of trivan,Remmy was so loyal for the locals as he gaurds the whole community,few days ago remmy went missing at the same day when remmy went missing there was a video spreading in social media's that few teenagers beating a dog brutally with iron rods  and making fun of it,as the video went viral some of the locals saw the video and identified the dog as remmy and went in search for him at the place shown in the video,what they found was remmy in a half dead condition with several fractures and major wounds,immediately they called SDS and we rescued him and after some AID we sent him to the vet for further treatment, it was found that all his limbs got fractured by the impact of Iron rod and there are minute fractures in remmy's ribs and face there are some scratches in remmy's body which seems like glass marks almost he is half dead but thank god they had found him,but we can't find the boys who did this as we are tracking about the original uploader of the video,as we discussed with the vet remmy requires about 6 major surgeries (for legs and ribs) and 1 minor surgery which costs us 14k INR and 3k INR for vet and medication as we are recovering from the impact of the pandemic many of our volunteers and sponsors had lost their jobs so we are spending from our reserve for 387 sheltered dogs with us, so please consider to donate and help us save remmy 

The need - 17K INR

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Also take Remmy and SDS in your daily prayers for Faster recovery