Dog beaten brutally by sticks and steel rods to make fun - Punish this brutal abusers

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This video is getting viral in Facebook and other social medias from today morning,there are two men who where beating a poor stray dog which is sleeping near a building,and making fun of it,another man there taking video of all these and laughing at the happenings,after some time the dog tried to move from that place with a loud cry with pain but those two men did't stopped beating him, after some time another man joins them and beating the dog even brutally and the man who is taking video keep laughing,when i saw this video i was shocked and cried for that dog who is being abused but when i video ends we can see the dog raisin his head so we had tried to find the abusers and place this video was taken in a blind hope that we can find him if we can rescue him and change his fate but still now we can't but personally i have hope that we can.

Please sign,share and make this video and petition viral to spread and news and find the abusers soon and to help the dog in need of emergency help ,