Dog Abused for 3 days with knives and burnt alive for fun

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Today morning,when i was volunteering @SDS as my daily routine we got a call from a group of local activists that they had rescued a pup who got abused by a group of strangers,when we reached there we had found him warped into a coni bag as he is shivering in cold,Also with the help of the villagers they had caught the abusers and handoverd them to the local station,as its was a remote village with limited facilities they can't give him the required aid,when we took him out of that coni bag we where shocked to see his condition he got several injuries in his neck and head (seemed to be cut with knife or something)the most cruel thing there is when we saw his face, he can't open his eyes,his eyes where blood traced and also got cut near his eyebrow,with a painful heart we had inquired the villagers that what happened to him and what they had said is even cruel,yes those strangers contained to abuse him for 3 days until the villagers found and rescued him,they cutted trough his neck,legs and head and video taped him crying in pain,at the third day they gone even cruel,they cutted trough his eye bro and thats what the reason for his blood traced eyes and then tried to burn him alive but thank god the villagers found him and rescued.

When we reached there we taught that i would be normal case and would be a pup who needs a shelter but after seeing his condition and hearing his story with a heavy heart and hurry to save him we hurried to shelter ,when we reached the shelter he can't even stand  so after first aid we took him to STS, where he can get the care he want,after some basic examination they told that he have fractures in his hind limbs and that's what the reason he can't stand,also his eyes, we worried about that but thank got they said that his eyes can be corrected with a minor surgery and then we got hope that we can save this little one and named him veer.With a little satisfaction I had left the vet for today for work,those strangers are still in the station and filed with corresponding sections and it's all our duty to join together to get those guys punished and and to save little pup veer so let's join together ! Sign ! share ! and spread the news and raise voice against animal cruelty and get justice for poor veer