The Grads of 2020 should get an actual grad ceremony not just an online video

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As a grad of 2020 I, along with all the other grads, were extremely saddened to hear the news that my fellow grads and I will not be able to have a traditional graduation ceremony. We understand that due to the circumstances of COVID-19 that we will not be able to have our grad ceremony by the end of June, but instead of prolonging it SD62 has decided to cancel it completely and instead give us an online version of a graduation ceremony. Personally I think they have come to this conclusion very quickly and should wait to see if the cases of COVID-19 decline to a point where we are able to have larger gatherings, THEN make their decision. It is very easy for everyone who has already graduated to make this choice since they all got to walk across the stage with their fellow peers and have the ceremony like everyone else. Even if it is not possible to have a traditional grad ceremony we should at least be able to have a drive through grad like Ontario had where they still got to take photos and receive their diplomas from their teachers. The grad class of 2020 in the SD62 school district was stripped of this, we will not have the memories everyone has been able to make, and now we will not be able to attend this ceremony that we have been working towards in our 12 years of education, an "online graduation" is simply not good enough and should be rethought. Please take this all into consideration and think about how you would feel if you were in our shoes and it was your graduation ceremony that was being taken away from you.