Scrap devastating HSC Reforms which label kids from 14 failures & exclude them from HSC

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Did you know  under recently introduced devastating reforms 1000’s of NSW students will now be prevented from receiving their HSC?

These reforms mean NSW students who do not receive Band 8 or above in their Year 9 NAPLAN will only receive an HSC if they pass subsequent maths & literacy tests.

Should they fail these tests it means even if they stay at school till Year 12 and complete the required subjects they will receive nothing for it.

Band 8 and above is no easy target. In 2016 65% did not achieve this in Writing, 47% in Reading  &  41% in Numeracy.

The HSC Reforms which take effect in 2017 should be scrapped because they will:

  1.  Label over 50% of students as failures three years before they even reach yr 12.
  2. Force 14-year-olds to endure unnecessary HSC style pressure and stress which they are not mature enough to handle.
  3. Create an underclass who will suffer life-long unemployment, social and financial hardship because they failed to achieve a HSC, excluding them from a wide range of courses and careers.
  4. Discriminate against public schools, indigenous and regional students who are less likely to have access to the additional resources/tutoring that private schools do. 
  5. Establish a “winners” and “losers” environment in schools leading to bullying, depression and even possible teen suicide.
  6. Lead to an increase in student drop-outs as those who struggle academically or with learning difficulties think “why bother?”
  7. Fail to recognise students who excel in non-academic areas such as art and design but may struggle with English and Maths & others who blossom later.

The minister says:

  • The new reforms will identify students who need extra help. - NAPLAN already does this. What we need is additional funding.
  • Employers & Parents want better literacy & numeracy skills - we all want this and the way to achieve it is through early and sustained interventions not yet another test.

Please sign this petition and join us in protecting the right of every NSW child to complete their HSC.

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