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SQA please take into consideration that timing was a big problem in AdvancedHigher Physics

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There was a big problem for timing in the 2016 Advanced Higher Physics exam (24/05/16). Many people were struggling to get it finished, and in fact, most did not. The practice papers issued by the SQA were all 13 Questions in length and were obviously what many candidates were used to/had prepared for. The live paper was 17 Questions, more than anticipated, and although it was still 140 marks, a lot of the questions contained several words and vast amounts information which had to be absorbed and processed. This took up precious time, especially Question 4 (throwing the ball in a rocket), which did not dictate the angle at which the ball was thrown at making it a bit more challenging than at first glance. There was also an "additional" question at the end of the paper that many had failed to see. This is not a fault of the SQA at all, but it was a bit sneaky as it was over the page and meant people had not completed more than they had thought immediately after the exam.

Considering there was not enough time to finish the paper, checking over it would not be possible and some more marks may have been lost here which could have been corrected. All of this could lead to a lower grade being achieved than originally predicted and some people will be needing a certain grade in this exam as a conditional for university, which may no longer seem possible now.

In summary, there was just not enough time in the exam for it to have reflected the candidate's best performance. This could have been resolved by increasing the length of time for the exam, or by condensing the paper itself to be more suitable for a 150 minute examination. 

The idea of this petition, is not intended as "whining" about a hard exam or begging because we need certain grades to get into university. But in hope of the SQA realising this issue and taking it into consideration whilst marking/deciding grade boundaries before the results are published in August.

Thank you for your support. If you could please share this that would be much appreciated.

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