Change the law surrounding car accidents involving cats.

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There are an estimated 8 million pet cats in the UK currently. Cats are the 2nd most popular pet to us in the UK, after dogs. So how come cats get the raw end of the deal when it comes to reporting car accidents?

My oldest cat, Leo, was hit by a passing car whilst he was outside. The car sped away and we were only informed by a neighbour who had witnessed it. Luckily, Leo was alright. I was so angry that the driver drove away without so much as trying to find out who owned him or alerting someone about it. Upon researching I found out that cats aren’t covered by the same law as other animals including cattle and ‘man’s best friend’ dogs.

I love both animals very dearly - but who’s to say that one life is to be treated differently to another. The resoning is that cats are ‘free to roam’ therefore it’s their own fault and the driver shouldn’t have to report it. So how come humans who are also ‘free to roam’ are reported when they are knocked down? Cats and humans are obviously not the same but I can tell you that I love my pets more than I love a lot of people. So why shouldn’t someone have to report hurting them? 

I believe it is unjust and unfair that it’s legal to hit and run a cat and not report it. Please help me make a difference by signing my petition. Together we can help our furry feline friends get the justice they deserve.