Remove the "Wolf Introduction" issue from Colorado's 2020 Ballot

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With a new issue for the 2020 ballot in Colorado dealing with an introduction of the Grey Wolf, not many of our state's citizens understand the turmoil these wolves could cause. Something needs to be made clear as well- there is nothing close to a "reintroduction" happening for the state and these wolves. The breed of wolf that would be brought here is not a native breed to Colorado, technically deeming this an "introduction" of an invasive species. Not to mention, the economic impact this action could have if approved. Many of the people voting on this issue live in the city, like Denver and Colorado Springs, and they will not deal with a single wolf in their lifetime. Residents on the Western Slope, however, especially those with large farms and ranches, will be the ones to reap the consequences of the Grey Wolf being introduced. The wolves can and will kill the very cattle that feed our state, greatly affecting the livelihood of many ranchers and farmers. Hunters in Colorado also make up for a big portion of the revenue brought in by the CDOW. If our elk herd, which is the largest in North America, begins to dwindle-and it will do so greatly- because wolves kill for sport, not for food, hunters will stop spending money in the small towns they stay in during season, as well as on their hunting licenses. The revenue brought in by the hunters of Colorado will decrease and that means funding for the DOW will have a decrease, and the economy of those small towns that rely on their yearly visitors could be crushed. 

Think about it.. wolves are not only dangerous, kill-for-fun animals, their entire presence could hurt the backbone of this beautiful state. Nobody supporting this matter truly understands the implications and they should not have a say in something they don't know about.