Stop the Bush fires in Australia

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There are countless of bushfires all around the country and nothing is being done currently to stop them. Our wildlife is disappearing before our eyes and there isn’t anything being done to save them. Koalas are now becoming extinct due to the Bush fires. Our home is slowly being consumed by these Bush fires. There is smoke everywhere from these fires that are affecting everyone’s health. People who worked hard to have a home have been forced out of theirs because of the Bush fires affecting our country. Many Australians have left all their belongings in order to flee from the fires. We need assistance desperately to help out these fires out and save our wildlife from being destroyed. 

If Scott Morrison took the proper action to help combat these fires and allowed for assistance during this time, our wildlife and our country will be saved. We’re asking for our Prime Minster to take his role seriously and help us save our country. If this continues to go on, there may not be an Australia for us anymore. Our country used to be such a beautiful place but if Scott Morrison does not take any action, we may not be able to live in this country anymore. We may not have any native wildlife. Please help by signing this petition so we can save our country we call home.