Pancreatic Cancer Matters Too

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It's 2019 and Pancreatic Cancer survival rates are still in single digits (8-9%), compared to Breast Cancer that is in the 90 percentile.

3,500 Aussies will be diagnosed this year yet  8-9% will survive 5 years.  Some will be dealt the hand that grants them months, weeks and some just mere days.

We, at Pancreatic Cancer Matters, are purely advocates - hoping with heart in hand, that no other family has to endure this insidious cancer; the unknown, the fighting for pain management or the very slim chance of survival.

We need equality to treatment and funding.

Australia has the leading researchers in the World in Pancreatic Cancer - what we don't have is the funding to support the scientific breakthroughs to find an early detection method or CURE.

So we ask you Mr Morrison and Mr Hunt, to read our stories of despair.  They will be heartfelt and full of emotion - but this is what Aussie families are going through everyday.