COVID-19: Lower the fees for International Students in Australia

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International education is the 3rd largest exporter for Australia generating more than 30 billion dollars in revenue each year.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, like many Australians, international students in Australia are getting impacted as well. Many universities, TAFEs and colleges are now planning or already delivering the classes online which make sense due to the current situation.

While student visa holders are required to demonstrate enough funds to support the study, this unprecedented times has put the pressure on these students also as their families back home can't support them due to the worldwide spread of the virus. 

Since many students work in hospitality, retail and travel industry, it has become really challenging for these students to find a part time job or keep the existing one as well.

And since most of the classes are delivered online, students don't get to experience the uni culture and lifestyle that they came here for. 

So, we at Overseas Students Australia are requesting PM Scott Morrison to help these students by asking the educational providers to lower down the fees until the situation gets back to normal.

While federal government is doing an amazing job for helping the community at large by providing information, financial assistance and stimulus, we believe that helping these international students will not only go a long way in preserving our reputation as top international education provider in the world but rather further improve students interest studying in Australia that look after students well.

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