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PLEASE shut down ALL hair salons NATIONWIDE. On average a busy yet SMALL salon of 4 stylists sees roughly 700 people in 30 DAYS. 700 people walking through our doors who also have the potential to infect the rest of the public. Can you imagine a medium to large salon? Many salons across the nation are being FORCED to shut down for their own reasons, some ethical and some financial. Many many clients are cancelling resulting in a financial deficit to the businesses. Either way WE WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS GLOBAL PROBLEM. Yet keeping us open is doing just that. When you go to a pub, restaurant or bar do you touch people? Do u work within centimetres of their faces? For literally sometimes 6 hours at a time? NO! So why was the hospitality industry forced to shut down or limit their services while we stay open putting OUR lives , our EMPLOYEES lives and hundreds CLIENTS lives at risk not to mention FAMILY members and other MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC. As you can tell we are fed up, we are angry and we just want the same treatment as the rest of the beauty industry not to mention to just be treated like WE MATTER. HAIRDRESSERS ARE PEOPLE TOO. So please , put us out of our misery, see this plea for what it is, a proposal to ‘flatten the curve’ and be a part of a solution not the problem. Enough is enough, how many more lives need to be put at risk?