CANCEL The SNYE Fireworks, donate the money to the RFS and help stop the NSW Bushfires.

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Last month it was announced that Scott Morrison spent over $6 million on the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks. This caused outrage and grief for the struggling farmers and persistent firefighters risking everything to protect NSW from the raging bushfires currently growing in size all over NSW. Many of us think that the money Scott put towards the Sydney fireworks should be redirected to putting out NSW’s bushfires. There has also been outrage over what the fireworks might do (supposedly start a fire). This is unlikely but is still possible. Many of us Australians are sacrificing our New Year’s Eve just to help/contribute to saving NSW. Many petitions have been signed to make the Sydney Fireworks go ahead, since nearly all Sydney hotels are at capacity, filled with tourists intending to watch the fireworks. Cancelling the fireworks could cause frustration to those who are planning to watch them, but NSW is going through a natural disaster and this could be the biggest series of bushfires in Australian history. The safety of Australia is a priority and the Sydney Fireworks should be cancelled this year.

This petition is not asking for donations.

It aims to spread awareness for NSW and the natural disaster we are currently going through.

Lets cancel the Sydney NYSE Fireworks this year because saving our state is our priority.