Australian Dept of Education Duty of care failures COVID 19

Australian Dept of Education Duty of care failures COVID 19

7 March 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Concerned Parent

I have started this petition because I still havent been given an official answer In regards to the faliures by NSW Dept of Education And Dept of health Nsw as of late and after sending emails to every department to try and have theses concerns addressed and parents given permission to parents their keep children home from school during these uncertain times, especially our at risk kids category which my own son fits 

If you share the same concerns as I do below 


Let's get our concerns to the government collectively 

I am contacting you today in regards to that lack of correspondence I have received from the dept of ed in regards to many parents concerns in relation to covid 19
I will forward all correspondence I have had between myself the department, the mp, the heath department in relation to my concerns for my son
And I'm still to get a clear answer on what rights I have to protect my child as I'm governed by Australian laws around attendance and currently rial of acquiring covid 19 isnt a justified reason for an absence!

I have to follow the rules and they are meant to follow rules to 

The Dept of Ed and schools are meant to be governed by their  Duties of care to students health and wellbeing

So why isnt it being down now

I feel, along with hundreds of  other parents that they are currentlt risking their duty of care to thousands of students including my son who has chronic lung issues at schools

Places such as Epping Boys high School are at risk and are going to be risked and failed again on Monday the 9th of March 2020 under current contingency plans, child care centers have been failed and our most vulnerable our elderly too and you the government continue to do so to risk school children at this point in time by still not allowing the risk of covid 19 as a justified reason for absences
I have addresses my own school many time and am now seeking the schools risk assessment around their duty if care to students in regards ro covid 19 and have asked my school do they feel comfortable still using the guidelines set by the dept of ed and their directors for the south west district and they have not been unable to answer that.
I originally started off trying to fight the international students from entering but wasnt heard and now it been proven they have failed uni students because ther has been confirmed cases from that group of students and in the following days aged care facilities, child care centres and my main concern a school have been failed 
I believe these failures and negligence is grounds for a class action against the dept of ed and health now children are aquiring covid 19 in schools
Please close the schools or allow the reason above to be a justified reason for absences from school on these uncertain times in regards to this virus
Please give me the right to use this as a justified reason so the for the duty of care and choice is given back with the parents
Needing this address asap as school are now threatening prosecution to parents withholding their children
Kind regards
Concerned parents
Jessie Alexander



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Signatures: 2,830Next goal: 5,000
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