Australia's firefighting effort needs the armed forces

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Australia is burning.  Every state, every city is affected.  Already - in December.

We call on the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to mobilise the armed forces, with their manpower, skills and equipment, to join the firefighting effort.

Our courageous firefighters – professional and volunteer – have been waging an increasingly desperate battle, some for up to 3 months.  They are exhausted and dispirited, as well as under-resourced and inadequately equipped for a fire season of such ferocity and duration, especially when so widespread.

We are using big, scary words – ‘catastrophic’, ‘devastating’, ‘disastrous’, ‘unprecedented’, ‘apocalyptic’.  Heartbreaking.

The damage is already massive and extensive, in every state.  The loss of life – of people, pets, livestock and wildlife, including birds, bees and insects – is immeasurable; that of vegetation – feed and food crops, grasslands, shrublands, forest, gardens – likewise.  Not to mention the destruction of homes, property and  infrastructure, and the loss of livelihoods.

The environmental impact of the fires themselves, on pollution and thus global warming, may be incalculable.

It is too late for prevention - we must do our utmost to minimise further damage.

We, the petitioners, humbly and respectfully call on you and your Government to act urgently and mobilise the Armed Forces.