Make the specific act of Domestic Violence a criminal offence in every state of Australia

Make the specific act of Domestic Violence a criminal offence in every state of Australia

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The specific act of Domestic Violence is NOT a criminal offence in any state of Australia....

I bet you are thinking “no, that can’t possibly be right” .... but as of this moment in time, there is not one person sitting in any jail in Australia convicted of committing the crime of domestic violence..... because they can’t be, as it is not a crime in our country.

With 1 women being murdered every 5 days in Australia in acts of violence - the reality of these crimes is most victims know the perpetrator. It is in most cases a current or ex partner.

The problem is not going away, it’s escalting -  and why wouldnt  it?

In the USA and UK the act of domestic violence is a crime with emotional, psychological, financial and social abuse and coercive behaviour (such as convincing a partner to commit suicide) is a crime . In Australia, the Australian Law Reform Connittee and the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence both say it’s “too hard to define” this abuse to make it a crime.... well 330 million people in the USA defined it and another 65 million in the UK managed to define it too. If Australia can legislate to include domestic violence leave in employment law, and if the government can legislate to make accessing superannuation possible for domestic violence victims also, then its been defined. There is no excuse. 

What message does it send when we as a country have more of a penalty for catching a fish that is too small than we have for terrorising, abusing and destroying your own family or loved ones life? Someone that was trusted taking advantage of someone else’s vulnerability? It says we don’t give a damn.

Violence is violence - it should not matter who the victim is to the perpetrator, why should one act of violence have police take action and arrest and the courts convict while another gets pushed into family court?! What has Violence got to do with family? Nothing - Violence is violence.

Assault is a crime.

Sexual assault is a crime.

But what comes before these with Domestic Violence? .... Psychological, emotional,  financial and social abuse nearly always comes before physical abuse and without any law recognising this pattern of behaviour women (and some men) are trapped ....... unable to go as there is no way to stop the unrelenting torment that often traumatises them to the point they don’t feel they can leave. It’s the curliest abuse of all. 

I DO NOT WANT TO COUNT THE NUMBER OF DEAD WOMEN EACH WEEK, bracing for the next and the next, we as a county can not accept that. 

I don’t want a 1800 number to talk about it 
I don’t want free counselling so I can think about It
I don’t want leave from work so I can deal with it 
I don’t want a restraining order so I can try and live with it 
I don’t want to access my superannuation early so I can pay for it
I don’t  want a shelter so I can hide from it; and;
I don’t want breakfasts with ribbons to pretend I’m doing something about it. 

If people are charged and convicted of this crime, victimscan then access victims of crime compensation, like all other crimes allow for and doesn’t require the victim to take out loans or use up retirement savings to rebuild their lives. 

It will be a cold day in hell before my 5 year old daughter grows up and gets asked to sign an employment agreement that gives her ten days paid DV leave, right next to maternity and bereavement leave - are we saying as a country we are going to accept DV occurs just like birth and death?! No! ....... it’s not supposed to be this way .... it’s not the lucky country until we are all lucky and equal and we are not, as women are being killed and lives are being destroyed and it’s not a “relationship issue” or “lovers tiff” and it’s nothing to do what to family and everything to do with control and hurt and abuse .......


Nothing else has worked - this is working in the UK and USA ..... one life saved is worth it ........ 

Prime Minister, we the people of Australia are no longer asking you, we are telling you that we want immediate action taken on acts of violence against women and that starts with making the specific act of domestic violence a crime in every state and territory in Australia as a matter of urgency. 


Domestic Violence is rates a mention in the Commonwealth Family Law Act ..... 

..... then it’s up to the States to legislate and make laws .... and if anyone can make sense of them you’ll be the only one as they make NO SENSE and are totally ineffective:

In the UK and USA the specific act of Domestic Violence is a crime. 

The USA has the “violence against women act”

In the UK coercive and controlling behaviour (emotional and psychological abuse) is also now a crime:

Coercive or controlling behaviour offence: 

A coercive or controlling behaviour offence came into force in December 2015. It carries a maximum 5 years’ imprisonment, a fine or both. Victims who experience coercive and controlling behaviour that stops short of serious physical violence, but amounts to extreme psychological and emotional abuse, can bring their perpetrators to justice.

The offence closes a gap in the law around patterns of controlling or coercive behaviour that occurs during a relationship between intimate partners, former partners who still live together or family members”

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!