An effective Australian government policy to combat climate change

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Right now Australia is on fire, and it’s time to start admitting that it’s partly due to the fact we don’t have a climate policy in this country. I’m calling on ScoMo and the whole Australian government to reintroduce an updated version of the Rudd governments proposed 2008 emissions trading scheme. The scheme basically a good old carrot and stick method and is designed to offer incentives for businesses and industry to cut emissions while imposing fines and other punishments on businesses that break a set emissions cap. It was shown to be feasible by the treasury department in 2008, however was shut down once Tony Abbott took power.

Introducing a functional and effective climate policy is the first step in making sure horrific events like the 2019-20 bushfires never happen again, and if you’ve read this far surely you’ve already taken enough time to sign the petition as well. Every signature counts, and this is something that the government needs to work on.