Say No To Education Cuts

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MDHS students, parents, and supporters,

As some of you may know, education cuts have recently been made at this school. Most single sector classes will not be running next year—courses like Writer’s Craft, Pre-AP English, AP Physics, Vocal Music, and Guitar. These courses are being cut because they only run for one semester and the school doesn't think one class justifies continuing these types of courses. We strongly disagree with the decision to make these cuts as fewer numbers does not mean less valuable. These classes have been running successfully for a very long time.

These cuts are a mixed influence from the Ford Government’s education cuts and our school administration’s future budget plans. We are asking for your support to try and show the higher-ups that we strongly disagree with these cuts to try to ensure that these courses are still offered to provide the creative and educational outlet they have for so many years to so many students.

Please sign and share the petition below to help reverse the cuts to our education and please email the superintendent at and/or the ward councillor at While every voice definitely matters, we strongly encourage parents to use their voices to express our stance on these choices. Please remember to be kind and respectful when sharing and voicing your opinions. Thank you for your support.