Building a skateboarding park

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Building an official skateboard park with adjacent garden and fishing area for the San Juan residents of Punta Las Marias in Puerto Rico would create a non-political place of respite that can be enjoyed by generations of individuals and families. Skateboard parks bring people from different ethnicities, political views, and social-economic classes together as athletes, spectators, and simply people looking to get respite from urban life.


Currently, there are ruins of an old structure in what is being used as an oceanside skateboarding area. Some of the remaining walls have been used as canvases for artists who have created a cultural setting in the area. There are no benches, trash or recycling bins, and upkeep is done informally by community residents. Dangerous rebar and broken concrete are existent, creating a hazard to those who use the park to skate, fish, or enjoy the scenery of the Atlantic ocean.