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Stop GMO produce from being sold in the United States. Allowing the Arctic Apple into the marketplace could open the floodgates for more than 30 GMO crops currently in the pipeline. There are no long-term studies confirming the safety of GMO produce and no way to protect organic crops from GMO pollen spread by wind or insects, which would turn even organic apples into GMOs.

Letter to
USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and FDA
Freeze the Arctic Apple.

The Okanagan Specialty Fruit Company of British Columbia is asking for approval of its Arctic Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples. These apples, which have been genetically modified to stop enzymatic browning for up to 15 days, have never been tested for human safety. In addition, pollen drift from GMO orchards would turn apples in neighboring organic orchards into GMO produce even though the FDA would allow them to continue to carry the organic label. For the safety of our families, our nation and our planet we ask you to say NO to the Arctic Apple and GMO produce.

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