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I am appalled to learn that a gas chamber is used to putting animals Malden, MO. and we also take other animals from different cities.Kennett, Holcomb, Clarkton, and others~ and charge a fee for gassing animals. $15.00 each, EVIL REVENUE
At least 20 states now outlaw this barbaric euthanasia method.
So let's change.... and be humane.  I need your support.,Best Regards, Sue R. Bostic 

DCAGC- "Dunklin County Against Gas Chamber"

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DCAGC founder- Sue R Bostic Dunklin County against Gas Chamber
Representative Jo Ann Emerson
U.S. House of Representatives
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Dunklin County- City Council of Malden, Missouri

In many shelters, there is a cruel method of euthanasia involving placing animals in a gas chamber without sedation where they suffocate to death. In some shelters, cats are piled in with dogs, small dogs are mixed in with large dogs, they put live dogs on top of dead ones and they all fight each other for the last breath of air.
It is time to draw the line & stop the barbaric practice of gassing animals in all states, if it is wrong in one state it is wrong in all states! Help us Ban Animal Gas Chambers.

DCAGC- "Dunklin County Against Gas Chamber" Founder


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