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Say "no!" to a wolf-hunting season in Minnesota

A balance must be sustained in order to prevent predators and prey from starving or overbreeding. The wolf has fiinally recovered from the over-hunting that nearly caused the extinction of the species and now MN is planning a wolf-hunting season. This would authorize hunters to not only shoot wolves but to trap them. Trapping is not only unethical, but a danger to people, pets and wildlife. Animals suffer for hours, even weeks before they are killed in traps. People and their dogs could easily fall prey to hunters mistaking them for a wolf and shooting or trapping them. These animals are not a threat to people or property. They are necessary part of the ecosystem and should not be hunted. Nature must balance itself naturally. There is a plentify deer population to support the ex-endangered species. By allowing wolves to remain protected, the deer population will be kept under control and the woods will be just a little safer from hunters and trappers.

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