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Please Help a, now five year old girl, Mila who is being sexually abused by her father and trafficked by his lawyer Michael Waxman. Please return Mila to her mother and to a childhood free from abuse. God bless and thank you.

Watch Mila tell her cat what daddy does to her
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Letter to
Maine & Federal Public Officials Governor LePage, Senator Collins, Senator Snow, Representative Michaud
Senator Susan Collins
U.S. House of Representatives
and 5 others
U.S. Senate
Maine State House
Maine State Senate
President of the United States
Maine Governor
I just signed the a petition to help save little Mila from child trafficking in America. Mila is only 5 years old and she has already suffered more than any person should in one-life time, let alone before the age of 5.

Mila has been sexually abused since she was 2 years old, nearly killed with 10 times the reporting levels of METH, blunt force trauma to her haad and trafficking away from her mother for the past nearly year.

Visit the website for documentation:
Watch the video where Mila tells her cat what daddy does to her:
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Please do you legal duty as a public official and return Mila to her mother and hold those accountable for the crimes committed.


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