Save Our Right to Park - Don't Punish Residents

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Northern Beaches Council is drafting a radical new Scheme for Manly Residential Parking. Once approved, their website states this will be the approved Framework to apply to ALL new residential parking schemes on the Northern Beaches Peninsula.   
✓ Yes, we must reduce the number of permits in circulation so that genuine residents can find a space to park!
✓ Yes, put the registration numbers on the permits to stop on-selling  
✓ Yes, demand proof of eligibility and police the black market 

But this proposed Framework is not the answer!

It discriminates against families,  the elderly, young working adults who live at home, and even RESIDENTS WHO LIMIT THEIR CAR USE.

1.   If you borrow / share cars with friends you won’t be eligible for a permit (no visitor or shared pass provided for, in the new scheme)
2.    A boarding house can get 1 permit per bedroom but a family with an adult working child or a share house of 3-4 working adults may not get a parking permit for each person (because a dwelling gets  zero permits for property that has 2 off street parking spaces)
3.    Having to go to Council with a written contract every time you need a tradesperson to come is simply unworkable, especially for new mums  / elderly.
4.    This scheme ignores the beachfront parking pressure (where all NB residents can effectively park all day as long as they move their car once) that puts pressure on adjoining residential areas.
5.    It is an effective rate increase for Manly residents by charging for the first permit plus then having to then pay for visitors, carers and tradesperson passes as well. 

6.    Limiting resident's visitors to 20 days per year per dwelling (and having to pay for them) is blatantly unfair and unworkable and discriminates against the elderly and sick.

What are the Details of the Proposed Framework?

Despite asking Council to clearly and simply outline the proposed changes on the "Your Say" site, the changes were not clearly listed, and embedded in huge documents. So here are some KEY FACTS*  about the current proposed Framework:

1. A maximum of 2 residential permits per rateable dwelling can be purchased (less any off street parking you have) 

2. Zero residential permits, if you have 2 ‘off-street’ parking spaceson your property, such as a garage and a carspace

3. One residential permit, if you have one off-street parking space 

4. A Tradesperson permit– you can buy a maximum of 3 (non-consecutive) weeks / year (but you need to provide Council with a written contract each time) 

5. ‘Scratchie’ Visitor Permits– You can buy a max of 20 visitor days/year/home 

6.  A specific ‘Carer Permit’(to be purchased by the resident).

7. A third permit can be purchased  in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES but this is not defined. 

8. NO FREE PERMITS - If you are eligible for a permit,  your first one is $47, second is $110.

9. There are also changes for businesses, trailers, boats and caravans and support workers*. 

How Can You Protect Parking Rights for your Household?


The Councillors voted FOR this Framework to go on Public Exhibition perhaps without fully understanding the flow on impacts.  

The Public Exhibition period has now closed. We are working with Council to try and develop a fairer solution. But right now, the draft Framework above is what is on offer. So the Councillors must understand the facts and the real implications -  so they can actually represent RESIDENT needs. This petition will go to each Councillor and also to the Mayor.

So please help us get our message to our representatives by signing and sharing this petition. 

Thank you in advance!


*The full details are in various attachments on Council’s Your Say Site: